Best Waves Plugins For Mixing & Mastering 2021

33 Best Waves Plugins of 2020 (Mixing & Mastering) |

Waves plugins are audio processing, mixing, and mastering plugins developed by Waves Audio.

Waves plugins promotions are an almost permanent fixture, providing huge discounts that always increase the more you buy; it’s unusual for you ever to pay full price for Waves software equipment.

They offer an enormous amount of plugins that perform almost every task required to make a track sound professional, including compressors, limiters, EQs, reverbs, maximizers, and many more. When your digital audio workstation has captured audio, programmed, and arranged the individual elements of a track, it’s time to think about how you can make your mix sound as good as possible.

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What Are The Waves plugins?

Established in 1992, Waves Audio has rapidly made a name for itself as one of the prime developers of industry-standard audio plugins.  There are a ton of Waves plugins developed in collaboration with well-known mix engineers to give a track a feel of their unique sound signature.

Are Waves Plugins Still Good?

Many users are aware that most of the more popular Waves plugins were developed at least a decade ago, if not longer. This makes them question the usability of Waves plugins and whether they are still reliable or not when compared to plugins developed recently.

The use of Waves plugins in professional studios has decreased in recent years with the rise of competitors like Izotope, Cakewalk, Fabfilter, etc, which makes a person question their usability. Are there plugins that offer more than Waves could? Are Waves plugins outdated? The simple answer to those questions is no. Waves plugins, despite a decreasing amount of users, remain a very important plugin provider. There are so many songs that are played on the radio right now utilizes plugins by Waves in some form.

Whether it’s their famous SSL series or their F6 bundle, Waves still have some irreplaceable plugins. With that being said, though, Waves is one of the most important plugin developers out there.

This guide to the best plugins for Waves will guide you to your home studio toolkit’s essentials. So let’s dive in!

33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2021


1. Waves C1 Compressor Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves C1 Compressor Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020|

Waves C1 is a versatile multiband compressor that is 100% digital without adding analog-sounding signals to add warmth.

Key Features :

  • Gate control to remove background noise
  • Sidechain ability to mix tracks with close or clashing frequencies
  • Split band dynamics enables the user to attack frequencies individually and precisely
  • Waves C1 has a look-ahead feature to anticipate the initial transients which are normally not captured.

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2. Waves VComp Review

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Waves VComp Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Modeled after the vintage 2254 master bus compressor, VComp is a compression plugin designed to add warmth and color to a track in order to give it a vintage vibe.

Key Features :

  • The VComp has a strong brickwall limiter which can be used to ensure that the signals are not clipping
  • Since the VComp successfully emulates the vintage 2254 hardware, it can produce an analog-sounding output that sounds “warm” and smoother
  • Waves VComp features a limiter, a compressor, and a de-Esser all in one, and all are highly efficient. This eliminates the need for using separate plugins for each function

3. Waves API 2500 Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves API 2500 Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The API 2500 is another compressor that models the API 2500 classic vintage compressor. It is mainly used due to its many control knobs as well as its sidechain section.

Key Features :

  • This plugin samples the original API 2500 hardware and does a great job at that. It has an “analog” button which causes the output audio to have a warmer, vintage feel similar to that produced by the original hardware.
  • Users can choose from feed-forward and feed-backward mode from the Tone section just like the original hardware.
  • The Tone section also handles the input sidechain signal with 3 knee modes ii.e.soft, med, and hard.
  • Waves API 2500 has a wide range of controls, making it highly versatile compared to other compressors.

4. Waves SSL G-Equalizer EQ Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves SSL G-Equalizer EQ Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The SSL series by Waves is pretty popular among producers and sound engineers. This is no surprise considering the original SSL hardware was widely considered as a studio must-have. The Waves SSL G-Equalizer models the SSL G series EQ292 in particular.

Key Features :

  • The simple and straight forward interface that is very easy to use
  • 4 EQ bands (low, low-mid, high-mid, and high)
  • Analog switch to add warmth to a track
  • High pass filter for faster removal of bass frequencies
  • EQ bypass and a phase switch if a user only wants to flip the phase

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5. Waves CLA Vocals Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves CLA Vocals Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Designed by Grammy-winner mixer Chris Lord-Alge, the CLA vocals provide the user with all the components needed to mix a track to have a radio-ready sound.

Key Features :

  • Six different plugins on the vocal.
  • Multiple presets for each plugin with relevant sound signatures for each plugin
  • Straightforward and very easy to use interface
  • Pan control useful for dynamic processing

The CLA Vocals is normally used to track a quick “glow up” without the trouble of adding every single effect separately and having to edit each one.

Mixing Trap Vocals with WAVES CLA Vocals /// Vocals Presets Download

6. Waves WNS Noise Suppressor Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves WNS Noise Suppressor Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves WNS noise suppressor is specifically designed for film and video post-production to remove noise from dialog tracks, broadcasts, narration, and voice-overs. This plugin runs in realtime enabling the user to adjust the levels while recording, which is useful for outdoor environments.

Key Features :

  • Six adjustable bands to attack specific noise frequencies
  • Parametric view of the signal to aid the user
  • Suggest feature that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze noise signals and suggests the optimum settings
Removing Mic Bleed on Stage with Waves NS1 and WNS

7. Waves Scheps 73 Review

More Info & Guide

Waves Scheps 73 Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

This vibrant and colorful EQ developed by Waves is modeled after the classic 1073 console’s EQ. The Waves Scheps 73 is colorful in its looks, but it provides a lot of color and harmonics to a track.

The color comes from the 3 band shelving used in the plugin, i.e., a fixed high shelf frequency, a mid-band with 7 cutoff points, and a low shelf with 4 cutoff points.

Key Features :

  • Pre-amp and drive adjustment knobs to take care of the track levels before applying the effect
  • A high pass filter with 4 cutoff points
  • The user gets to choose to add harmonic distortion to provide color to a track. The harmonic distortion ranges from a pleasant warmth to a heavy drive
  • A monitor to display realtime result levels allowing for more accurate and easier usage of the plugin

Waves Scheps 73 is very popular with engineers who wish to add harmonic distortion/saturation to a track to either make the vocals and the instrumentals stand out or to give the track a gritty vibe.

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8. Waves Reel ADT Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Reel ADT Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The reel ADT played a fundamental role in the signature sound of Abbey Road back in the 1960s. The original effect was engineered in a famous studio specifically towards the needs of The Beatles.

Waves Reel ADT is the first plugin ever to replicate the original sound signature by Abbey Road efficiently and successfully. This is, of course, since this plugin was developed in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.

The main features that separate the ADT from other tapes are the ‘negative’ delay, the unique utilization of valve and saturation in the tape,  and the impulsive modulations of varispeed and wow and flutter.

Key Features

  • Waves Reel ADT plugin can control the varispeed through midi manually. It can also control varispeed automatically using a built-in LFO
  • this plugin produces amazing results when used to enhance vocals and guitars
  • Waves Reel ADT enables the user to add tape saturation to a track to give it a vintage vibe
  • Users have control over the panning and phase for both the original and the doubled track.
Wider Vocals Trick with Waves Reel ADT

9. Waves GEQ Graphic Equalizer Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves GEQ Graphic Equalizer Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves GEQ, with an astonishing 30 bands filters along with a parametric EQ and so many more features like a classic and modern stereo and mono components, is a feature-packed parametric EQ plugin.

Waves GEQ’s appearance looks like the physical EQs seen in big studios and movies. This is because of its interface, which provides both the “classic” and the “modern” modes, both working exactly like a classic and a modern EQ.

Key Features

  • 30 bands control faders
  • A display to analyze the effect in realtime
  • Latency compensation technology is implemented in the Waves GEQ
  • A modern and a classic component providing different sound dynamics to a track based on the user’s choice

The classic components in the GEQ are probably the reason why users apply this plugin. This is because it operates the same as a traditional EQ with proportional Q filters emulating the popular DN series 1/3 octave equalizers. Q filters narrow the filter width as the gain in a specific band is increased.

The modern components of the GEQ employ special flat-top filters to remove band interacting artifacts and produce stair-stepped reactions.

Need more information on how EQ works? Check this post – ALL about EQ and How Much EQ is Too Much.

Graphic equalizer demonstration using the Waves GEQ Classic

10. Waves IR1 Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves IR1 Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Many engineers nowadays are looking for a reverb effect that samples real venues and spaces. There are several good options present. However, as expected, Waves decided to produce something that is unique – a convolution reverb with in-depth control over the sound.

This convolution reverb should be the most coherent and encouraging plugin to any engineer that likes to keep everything “mathematically” perfect and possesses a good background about acoustics.

Convolution brings about the sampled acoustics of actual venues and allows the user to replicate reverb hardware’s sound signature. The only disadvantage to convolution is the limitation of adjustments possible. This is due to the working principle of convolution, which multiplies the audio file through an impulse recorded in an actual reverberant venue. While the impulse response is taking place, the options through which a user can adjust the sound is limited to controlling the decay and EQ.

This is where Waves IR1 comes in handy as it manages to solve this issue of limited control and allows the user to make in-depth adjustments to the sound signature of the reverb plugin.

Key Features

  • A huge number of presets (over 100) provide the user with a wider range of choices compared to other convolution EQs in the market.
  • Samples of the real famous venues.
  • The interface is easy to use
  • It offers a good amount of control for the user to produce the desired sound.

For more convolution plugins, check our list of  10 Best Convolution Reverb Plugins.

11. Waves Kramer Tape Review

More Info & Guide

Waves Kramer Tape Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Got that track finished, but you think that it sounds way too digital? This is probably where you will need the creativity of a plugin like the Waves Kramer Master Tape.

Kramer tape models the vintage reel-to-reel tapes machines that were used to record music. The main usage of this plugin to provide a track with a warmer and more pleasant sound that will make it less digital and light on the ears. In addition to that, this plugin is perfect for adding a vintage vibe to a track if needed. This plugin works just awesome in mastering, but it’s also great for mixing purposes, especially Bass, Drums, and Vocals.

Key Features :

  • Models a classic rare vintage 1/4″ reel-to-reel machine.
  • The vintage look is very pleasing to work with, especially with users who have used the analog hardware
  • User can adjust the tape speed, flux, bias, slap/feedback delay as well as the wow and flutter
  • Designed in collaboration with the legendary producer and sound engineer, Eddie Kramer
The Best Plugin For Achieving Analog Warmth

12. Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Aphex Vintage Exciter Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter attempts to emulate the sound signature of one a classic tube-powered prototype that was developed in the mid-1970s by Aphex. The Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter successfully implements all the distinctive qualities of a rare hardware unit, plus the benefits of the software.

As the name suggests, the Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter is an exciter plugin that adds sheen (treble) to any signal. Back in the day, adding treble ‘sheen’ to a track was used to bring signals “back to life” after they’ve gone dull because of tape dubbing over the years.

Much like the rest of the plugins that sample old school hardware,  the Aural exciter interface consists of simple and straightforward knobs to control the input, ax mix (excitement level), and the output level as well as a few extra controls to provide the vintage exciter feel to the fullest. For more info on Exciters, check Harmonic Exciter Explained – How It Works And Best VST Exciter Plugins.

Key Features :

  • Emulates the Aphex Aural Exciter, which was introduced in the 70s
  • The user has the option to add analog sounds to give the track a vintage vibe
  • Aphex can make a track stand out more without actually raising its volume
  • Mix mode and AX mode each for different configuration
Pro Mastering Secret 🎛 Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

13. Waves Manny Marroquin Delay Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Manny Marroquin Delay Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Another plugin by Waves that was developed in collaboration with a famous mix engineer. This time its Manny Marroquin’s turn.

Manny Marroquin has worked with a diverse group of artists from the Rolling Stones all the way to Alicia Keys, Lana Del Ray, and many more. Just like Eddie Kramer and Chris Lord-Alge, Waves decided to partner up with Manny Marroquin to produce a bundle of 6 plugins inspired by Manny’s mixing workflow. Those plugins are Reverb, Delay, Triple D, Tone shaper, distortion, and EQ. In this section, we discuss the Delay Plugin by Manny Marroquin and Waves.

Key Features :

  • Reverb knob to give the effect a “wet” feel
  • Phaser for a “sweeping” effect
  • Distortion to provide a bolder sound to the track
  • Pitch shift doubler to give the delayed signals a different color tone.

In addition to the features mentioned above, this plugin’s interface is pretty straightforward with knobs for each effect mentioned. This plugin has proven to be incredibly efficient in making contemporary vocal effects. The mix of delay and reverb together tends to provide superior results than when reverb is applied alone.

In addition to that, this plugin provides many engineers who struggle to find a suitable vocal processing approach with an inspiring, easy to work with “template” that helps kick-start the process.

14. Waves H-Delay Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves H-Delay Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves H delay (Hybrid delay) is a lookalike version of the TC Electronic and Lexicon hardware. The interface of the plugin is a true reflection of the hardware plugin. It allows users to get a delay of up to 3500ms. This includes a tap tempo pad, which can be useful in a live situation.

The hybrid delay comes with three analog tonal color step knob. This adds a ground noise -65dBFS and color in the tone. H-Delay includes 2 bands EQ, high pass and low pass frequency of the delay unit can be used to filter out unwanted frequencies from your mix. Another feature of this plugin is that it comes with ping-pong delay in stereo mode. It holds the signal for a given time in realtime, and then it sends the signal to the right channel.

Key Features :

  • The loFi feature that enables the plugin to introduce slight noise and “LoFi” signals to the effect.
  • A very cohesive display that enables the user to set the delay time to match the BPM of the track or by setting the time manually as well
  • Analog knob to add analog signals to the track to give it a warmer feel
  • High pass and low pass filters to filter out unwanted frequencies

15. Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Manny Marroquin Reverb Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Just like the Manny MDelay, the Manny Marroquin Reverb is another plugin in the 6 plugin bundle developed by Waves in collaboration with Manny Marroquin.

The Manny MReverb, which comes in a stereo and a mono version, provides 6 distinct reverb effects with different room size choices for each one. Additionally, the plugin comes equipped with a compressor and an EQ that can be added to the reverb effect and a phaser and distortion, which gives the track an unusual treatment that represents the unique sound signature of Manny Marroquin’s mix.

Key Features :

  • Straightforward and simple interface with knobs for control
  • 6 different room type settings, i.e., Hall, chamber, room, plate, space, and ambience
  • 3 different room size settings, i.e., small, medium, and large
  • A dedicated fader for reverb amount, which is surprisingly rare among many reverb plugins

When used on vocals, the reverb effect adds space and dynamics without flooding the dry signal. A slight touch of a phaser adds swing to the tail of the reverb, whereas distortion will bump the thickness and give the track a warm feel for it to sound natural. Learn what’s the Difference Between Algorithmic and Convolution Reverb and how to use each in your mix.

16. Waves Brauer Motion Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Brauer Motion Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

An exciting auto-panning effect plugin designed by Waves in collaboration with mix engineer Michael Brauer. The plugin includes a set of presets contributed by other top engineers like Tony Maserati, Roth Hogarth, Dave Pensado, Yoad Nevo, Mark Ralph, and Tom Elmhirst.

The plugin itself models a rare panner, which is the FS1 Cyclosonic panner by Songbird, which was able to generate 360 degrees panning through 2 speakers only. Waves Brauer motion takes this useful feature and further enhances it by enabling tone-shaping controls to a user.

Key Features :

  • Multiple panning modes like normal left/right panning, “X lights” panning, “circular” panning as well as “circular with phase” panning
  • Users can set the panning modulation to match the project bpm (Sync mode) or set it manually (Free mode).
  • The plugin has a “dynamics” section where a user can adjust the “ratio” and “drive,” which adds a slight harmonic saturation sounding grit.
  • The “Motion filter” section allows the user to have control over the gain of the back paths of the pans. This could be extremely useful with the placement of the mix.
  • “Width” and “Depth” features enables the user to set the track placement as well as how far back the panning goes (depth).

Brauer Motion panner is an incredible tool for modulation effects and panning for engineers who want a different sounding effect as compared to traditional panning.

17. Waves Vitamin Review

More Info & Reviews  

Waves Vitamin Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves Vitamin is a harmonic enhancer with a multiband feature and tone-forming module that can make any track sound incredible and loaded with sparkle by blending an advanced form in with the first sign. With its zero latency, Vitamin obliges studio and live blend audio engineers the same.

Utilized as an addition on any track or bus, Vitamin immediately conveys a warm, indispensable outcome that is tantamount to what you would get from an equal chain of EQ, compression, and saturation without the issue.

Key Features :

  • A display screen that shows exactly where each addition is being added
  • Each band has a gain fader that goes up to 48dB to control contributions by each band
  • In addition to the faders, 4 crossover frequency controls enable the user to set a precise range of frequencies to attack. The range covered is between 20 – 18000 Hz
  • Stereo width control knobs allowing for control over the stereo placement
  • A “Punch” feature which is responsible for amplifying or decreasing transients in a processed signal to maintain clarity
  • Awesome for Mastering purposes

Plugin controls are natural, simple to utilize, and quickly responsive, allowing you to smooth or highlight punchiness and elements. Control the blend of the mix with its upgraded rendition. To finish everything off, when Vitamin is in sound system mode, each band has a width control that lets you make more extensive sound pictures or prepare for a vocal directly before the blend – an incredible instrument for mastering.

18. Waves C6 Multiband Compressor Review

More Info & Guide

Waves C6 Multiband Compressor Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

 C6 allows doing some complicated compression on any frequency band. This includes each band’s sidechaining feature, which makes this plugin so unique from the rest of the compressors. It takes a lot of juices from your CPU.

Imagine a situation where side chaining kick with acoustic bass. You can always use the gain reduction sidechaining feature, but you have to compromise on the presence of the acoustic bass in that case. Attenuating an acoustic bass presence can kill the color of its originality. In this scenario, to prevent sidechaining, you can target a particular frequency, i.e., 20Hz-200Hz, and engage the sidechain feature.

At first glance, you’d expect it is a multi-band processing unit, but C6 is more than just a multiband plugin. You can side-chain anything at any frequency zone.

Key Features :

  • A cohesive display screen allowing a user to visualize what is taking place
  • 4 faders to control the threshold gain for each band
  • 4 crossover frequency controls to input the frequencies to be attacked manually
  • Band listen mode for each individual band
  • Dynamic EQ to filter out unwanted signals

19. Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor Review

More Info & Guide

Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The Waves Linear Phase Multiband Compressor is a powerful tool regardless of what you’re using it for high precision fine-tuning of audio on an individual track or for your master bus.

The Linear Phase Multiband Compressor adopts distinct technologies like the Automatic Makeup Gain.

Mastering Masterclass: Balancing with Multiband Compression

Key Features :

  • Manual type-in controls over the gain, threshold, range, attack, and release
  • Four crossover frequencies are placed directly under the graph, specifying the cutoff frequencies at which the wideband signal will be broken into five distinct bands
  • Dithering option to reduce quantization error
  • Knee settings like soft, medium, and hard.

20. Waves JJP Vocals Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves JJP Vocals Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The Waves Signature Series is a restrictive line of use explicit sound processors, made as a team with the world’s top makers and engineers. Each Signature Series module has been exactly created to catch the craftsman’s particular sound and creative style.

The JJP Vocal module is the best module for causing vocals to sit directly in the mix and sound overwhelming. Like the other JJP modules, it grants a lavish, warm, and punchy quality to what you measure with it. The methodology here is straightforward: grab the appropriate plugin for your content, and you will get customized processing (dynamics, EQ, and effects) add JJP immediately. Stuffing all of the processing into a single-panel plugin means reducing the control of parameters.

Key Features :

  • A full processing chain for vocals that include all the necessary effects
  • Includes a de-Esser to remove sibilance, compression, and an EQ
  • Offer 3 vocal style modes, i.e., male, male2 and female
  • High-quality processing since the plugin supports 24bit/96kHz

It’s exceptionally requesting on CPU. Waves didn’t compromise. The naming of the controls is exceptional – enchantment, mentality, and so forth. You utilize your ears and modify the sliders until you hear what you want. It’s difficult to dial in a terrible sound, except if your crude track is shocking.

21. Waves Vocal Rider Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Vocal Rider Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves Vocal Rider this unique plugin automatically performs what would otherwise be a tedious task of automating the vocal level through a performance. Using a compressor is a traditional way of processing a signal, especially vocal tracks, but using a Vocal Rider to handle the dynamic range of the signal is a different way altogether.

For those that don’t have a control surface well, that’s where this comes in convenient Waves Vocal Rider. It’s an innovative solution that brings together both the physical acts of fader riding and the power of a DAW; now, the act of fader riding helps to preserve the natural dynamics of audio while performing some degree of dynamic processing currently, this is a straightforward plugin to set up.

Key Features :

  • Is a faster way of making the vocals sit in the mix
  • Works in real-time with no latency hence eliminating the need for a pre-scan
  • This plugin has a dedicated component called Vocal Rider live
  • The riding settings can be sent to an automation track
How to use Waves VOCAL RIDER in CUBASE

Majorly two options are available for vocal riding, and those are made for vocal/music. The plugin also includes a fast/slow attacking switch. It allows you to choose the Range of the dynamic signal to maintain a nice signal level throughout your mix. This feature allows your signal to breathe and adds a natural compression. Reducing the Dynamic Range can give you the pumping effect.

22. WavesTune Review

More Info & Reviews 

WavesTune Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Vocal tuning has never been simpler or more exact—a definitive pitch remedy device for perfectly tuned natural-sounding vocals/instruments. With a broad palette of pitch molding and change instruments, Including full ReWire uphold and formant adjustment, WavesTune lets you do all your pitch altering in that general area inside your DAW condition.

No compelling reason to send out segments or work disconnected. Preferable sounding and more adaptable over some other pitch rectification processor, Waves Tune will get your vocals in the groove again.

Waves Tune Pitch Correction Plugin – Tips & Tricks

Key Features :

  • An efficient piano roll display to see the vocal notes and edit them manually
  • Supports ReWire, which means that this plugin can operate in real-time while managing host-transport
  • A timeline can be viewed in min/sec, bars/beats, or samples

23. Waves Trans-X Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves Trans-X Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves Trans-X Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

If you are looking for a plugin to control your transients, then the Trans-X by Waves is the go-to plugin.

The main function of Trans-X is to utilize attack components to manage transients like pull and reverberation and sounds attack. The way the Trans-X attacks those transients is similar to a multiband compressor. The main difference is that in Trans-X, the user edits the range for each band. The range corresponds to the attack level. Setting it to any value above 0 increases the attack, below zero reduces the attack.

Key Features :

  • “Range” control for each band
  • “Sens” control which controls the sensitivity of the attack.
  • “Duration” set the time for how long the attack will be increased or decreased in ms. The “Release” represents the amount of time the transient will be attacked before returning to its original state.
  • “Multi” mode enables the user to attack the transients from individual frequency bands

For the latest transient shaper plugins, check this article.

Adding More Attack & Punch To Drums With The Waves TransX Plugin

24. Waves F6 Floating-Band dynamic EQ Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves F6 Floating-Band dynamic EQ Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

A critical, highly precise, and a very popular plugin, the Waves F6 Floating-Band dynamic EQ is one of the most efficient EQ plugins in the market. I personally would place it in my top 3.

The F6 is a problem solver. It can be used for de-Essing, compression, equalization, and expansion processes for both mixing and mastering. The plugin is called the F6 since it consists of 6 highly controllable floating bands, each with dynamic control features and advanced EQ that assist the user in eliminating any problem immediately.

Key Features :

  • Highly precise EQ that operates on a built-in dynamic processor
  • 6 floating bands that are flexible and can be moved around anywhere in the spectrum
  • Low latency and CPU friendly design, which makes it very smooth to work with
  • Very powerful EQ controls for each band as well as compression or expansion
  • Can be used for both studio and live mixing without any issues

Music is dynamic. Music pieces go through a lot of variations in terms of intensity. Waves F6 Floating-Band dynamic EQ comes in handy to maintain the dynamic variation in the music, making it sound even and clean.

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25. Waves InPhase Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves InPhase Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Getting signals at similar ranges to play together without issues like clashing can be a bit complex, and a polarity switch by itself could sometimes not be sufficient. This is where Waves InPhase comes into play.

Waves InPhase is an effective phase correction tool used to solve multiple phasing by encompassing processes like phase alignment or phase shift treatment.

Key Features :

  • 2 waveform displays that function in real-time to update the user on every process. Additionally, the waveform could also be moved manually by the user
  • Delay control to reduce timing differences
  • A correlation meter for the user to compare the two waveforms to see how much they are out of phase
  • A phase shift window that displays the phase shift curve to the user along the frequency line
  • Stereo and mono modes

To me personally, Waves InPhase is the most useful tool for the phase modification of a signal. Through InPhase, I’ve managed to solve many phases related issues when recording live instruments.

26. Waves TrueVerb Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves TrueVerb Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves seem never to miss any Reverb effect. All of the reverb plugins developed by Waves have been engineered right, and TrueVerb is no exception.

What makes TrueVerb unique from other reverb plugins is how it operates by using two different processors to emulate a room dynamic. The first processor is responsible for generating “Early Reflections” that gives the listener a sense of the room size and the depth of the effect. The second processor is in charge of generating the classic reverb “tail.”The two processors combined together enable the user to control the room’s size, the damping, and the depth.

Key Features :

  • Time response display enabling the user to view the set delay time in effect
  • Manual room size and distance control where the user can numerically set the room size and distance
  • Frequency response waveform display
  • EQ section with high and low pass filters
Getting Started with Reverb Effects – The Waves TrueVerb Plugin

TrueVerb is suitable for vocals as well as instruments like pianos, guitars, etc., as expected by Waves. In addition to that, Waves TrueVerb has several tutorials online on how to optimize its usage, which makes it reliable for beginners.

27. Waves PS 22 Mono To Stereo Review

More Info & Reviews 

Waves PS 22 is a tool that is used to convert mono source tracks into a stereo track. Additionally, it can be used for processing existing stereo mixes to enhance the tone and dynamics of the track

This plugin contains three main components.


Waves PS 22 Mono To Stereo Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

This plugin operates by “spreading” the frequencies across the spatial image. PS22 Spread has an LF Spread control section that allows the user to increase/decrease the width of the bass frequency.


Waves PS 22 Mono To Stereo Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

In this plugin, users can set a frequency point. The bass frequency is set by default to narrow. The only thing that the user can edit is the frequency spread shape.


Waves PS 22 Mono To Stereo Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The plugin functions are the same as the PS22 Split with the addition of delay and X-feed controls that the user can use to add bounce to the stereo image.

Key Features :

  • A meter for left/right stereo editing
  • The signal processed is still compatible as mono
  • Advanced stereo space enhancement
  • Compensation for phase delay

Waves PS22 is perfect for reinvigorating older recordings. Its also suitable for usage on instruments, sound effects, and much more. The PS22 is unchallenged when it comes to mono-to-stereo emulation, as well as re-calibrating and editing the stereo imaging of mixes.

28. Waves S1 Imager Review

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Waves S1 Imager Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Typically used for post-production, Waves’ S1 Imager is a popular stereo imaging plugin among producers and engineers.

Waves S1 Imager is simple to use as it does not differ much from other stereo imaging plugins. It can help users take a track placed in mono and make it sound “wider” and have more stereo presence. Also, it’s useful if you need to narrow your stereo field.

Key Features :

  • Large display that shows the spectrum and how much stereo imaging is being added
  • The width and gain slider to set how wide a track sounds and how much of the effect is applied
  • Asymmetry and Rotation sliders to set how the track imaging is processed
How To Use The S1 Stereo Imager

Overall, the S1 Stereo Imager by Waves is a highly functional and effective plugin that can easily be applied to vocals and instruments to add more stereo separation making the track sound a lot more interesting.

29. Waves Oneknob Plugins Review

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Waves Oneknob plugins are some of the most simple and straightforward plugins that are on the market.

The Oneknob plugins are brilliantly designed to have one function and one function only. This makes their usage a whole lot easier when compared to normal plugins for each effect. For example, in a normal reverb plugin, a user would have to set the pre-delay time, the delay time, and the speed. This is all “ready-made” in the Oneknob plugins, and all that is left is for the user to set the amount needed from each plugin.

Key Features :

  • Simple one-knob interface making it very very easy to use
  • The saturation filter has resonance control
  • Pumper plugin has a rate and offset controls


1. Brighter – Exciter / Treble Booster

Brighter - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Driver – Distortion

Driver - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Phatter – Low End /Bass Booster

Pumper – Ducking Effect

Pumper - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Filter – Saturation Filter

Filter - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Louder – Maximizer

Louder - Maximizer - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Wetter – Reverb

Wetter - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Pressure – Dynamic Processor

Pressure - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Wave's - One Knob Bundle - Surprisingly Awesome Plugins

The Waves Oneknob plugins are time-saving plugins to be applied on a track to add a quick reverb or treble boost.

30. Waves IRLive Convolution Reverb Review

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Waves IRLive Convolution Reverb Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Designed specifically for live sessions, the IR-Live is a treasure chest of the best venues and hardware in the game.

This IR-live is part of the IR reverb plugins. The way it operates is similar to the IR1 explained above, only this one is compromised in terms of controls to allow the plugin to be lightweight and generate less latency.

Key Features :

  • Low latency since this plugin is designed for live sessions
  • Straightforward interface with knobs for pre-delay, Rev time, Mix and Output
  • Damping control section
  • Wide range of rooms and venues for the user to choose from

Overall, the IR-Live is the perfect reverb plugin for live recordings due to its advanced technique in eliminating latency.

31. Waves L2 Review

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Waves L2 Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves L2 is a maximizer plugin that stands out from other maximizer plugins by having a 24bit resolution, making it very powerful and able to produce super-clean sounding results.

Waves L2 consists of a brickwall limiter, which hard traps every signal below the set threshold and level maximizer to boost the gain of the track. The L2 also uses the look-ahead technique discussed earlier in its brickwall limiter to anticipate the initial transients.

Key Features :

  • Stereo and mono components
  • Dithering options to remove quantization error
  • Manual and ARC modes
  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports 24 bits/192 kHz resolution


32. Waves L3 MultiMaximizer Review

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Waves L3 MultiMaximizer Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The L3 plugin by Waves introduced multiband limiting and maximizer, which placed Waves miles ahead of their other competitors.

Waves L3 MultiMaximizer enables the user to apply the maximizer to each frequency band individually, which has taken maximizers to a whole new level. This way, a user can apply a maximizer to a track without boosting too much the frequency bands that could cause the track to be noisy

Key Features :

  • 24-bit resolution support
  • Linear phase EQ
  • Manual and ARC release controls
  • Dithering options to remove quantization error

All in all, this plugin is one of the most powerful maximizers out there. It’s packed with features and is highly versatile. Though it could seem overwhelming to beginners, Waves provides a cohesive tutorial manual to better understand the plugin.

33. Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer Review

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Waves NLS Non-Linear Summer Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

This plugin by Waves attempts to emulate the functionality, look, and feel of traditional mixing consoles.

In recent years, there has been a trend of creating distortion and saturation plugins to give a track an “analog sound,” which is more pleasant to the ears. Waves plugins have been highly successful at achieving that sound. This plugin is no exception. Waves NLS is designed in collaboration with three well-known engineers; Mark “Spike” Stent, Mike Hedges, and Yoad Nevo, each providing the sound signature formula that they use in their consoles.

Key Features :

  • 3 consoles based on sound signatures of well-known producers all in one plugin
  • Add analog noise to track to make it sound more analog
  • Simple interface

Bonus Plugins

1. Waves X-Click Review

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Waves X-Click Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Need to remove clicks from recording? Waves X-click is the way to go

Waves X click is a part of the Waves restoration plugin bundle. The X-click plugin is responsible for removing pops and high-level clicks.

Key Features :

  • 2 main control faders for threshold and shape to set the optimum de-clicking settings
  • Difference button to listen to the remove signals only

Waves X-click is easy to use and executes its main task of removing pops and high-level clicks to perfection.

2. Waves X-Crackle Review

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Waves X-Crackle Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

Waves crackle is the second plugin in the Waves restoration bundle and is responsible for removing crackles and low-level clicks.

Key Features :

  • Display that shows which signals are considered as crackle
  • Audio/difference button for comparison between the original version and after removing the crackle

3. Waves X-Hum Review

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Waves X-Hum Review - 33 Best WAVES Plugins of 2020 |

The third and final plugin in the Waves Restoration plugin bundle is the Waves X-Hum.

Waves X-Hum takes care of humming sounds as well as low-frequency rumble/noise. The plugin has two sections. The high pass filter to clean up the low-frequency rumble with a useful frequency control and slope switch controls to identify the cutoff frequency. Hums are handled by the harmonic notch filter section.

Key Features :

  • Global gain control to fix the depth and width of the track
  • Remove unwanted noise like air conditioning sound as well as low humming due to the recording environment.
  • Audio/Inverse feature to listen to the removed noise for maximum efficiency

To wrap this up, the Waves Restoration plugins offer high-quality noise removal that is very efficient. Best Deals

Final Words

It can be hard to know what Waves plugins to place into your virtual shopping cart with an ever-growing roster of analog emulations and newfangled gadgets. We’ve listed a few plugins that you might find interesting and their reviews to help you find the perfect collection of Waves plugins.

However, this list barely scratches the surface of what Waves are offering as a company. There are many more plugins from Waves that can greatly impact your development. We encourage you to check out these plugins and even more of their other items on the Waves website. You won’t be disappointed.


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