Top 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians 2022 (Synths, Mixing & Mastering)

Top 12 Plugin Bundles For Music Production (Synths, Mixing & Mastering) |

Looking to upgrade your plugin arsenal? Let’s go through these top 12 bundles spot-on for the contemporary music producers in 2022.

As music producers, plugins are a vital part of our creativity. However, finding the right plugins or even finding the kinds of plugins you need can take a painstakingly long time. Think about it: I’m sure you’ve read our articles on compressors, exciters, or equalizers, and they all have a bunch of varieties. What on earth are they all for? Well, some work better for a type of use case, whereas others work better for different uses. And that’s where plugin bundles come in!

What is a plugin bundle?

A plugin bundle is a collection of plugins from a developer. Most of these are designed to fit together for a specific use case. For example, you might find a bundle for audio restoration or genre-specific sound designing. Similarly, bundles provide a group discount to make the plugins further affordable.

Furthermore, some developers also offer an ecosystem of plugins that help make mixing and mastering easier. You can buy a bundle of such plugins to reduce costs and enjoy the exclusive features. Similarly, you might prefer a bundle for esthetic reasons. After all, nothing beats a custom channel strip of your favorite plugins.

Now, without further ado, let’s have a look at twelve of the best bundles I have for you today:

Top 12 Bundles For Music Producers 2022

1. u-he All Synths Bundle (Ultimate Synths Bundle)

More Info & Price

u-he All Synths Bundle Review - Top 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Urs Heckmann or u-he has been developing synths and plugins since 2001, first as a single developer and now as an acclaimed brand.

The u-he All Synths bundle features six synths, covering elegant analog synths to the modular sound-designing playground. Many people choose the u-he synths for their reliability, user-friendly design, and incredibly clean sound. However, user-friendly doesn’t mean limited. You’ll find these to be a bunch of powerhouses.

Furthermore, most of the u-he’s synths tend to be light on the CPU, although Diva is quite an exception. Then again, its detailed analog emulation and oversampling make the CPU usage self-explanatory. Hence, I must say that u-he synths never hog CPU resources unless it impacts the sound, making them ideal for electronic music producers.
Key Features:

  • Zebra 2
    Zebra 2 is u-he’s flagship synthesizer characterized by its surprisingly high-quality sound and low CPU usage. It is a semi-modular synth that lets you add modules to create your perfect sound. It features four FM oscillators and four wavetable oscillators with sixteen built-in waves and 11-voice unison. Furthermore, you can create new waves using its node-based and additive wave editor. There are four multi-mode filters and cross-modulation filters. Each module also features effects and tools that help you create sounds before you even think about modulation and effects.
    You load each oscillator and filter module on a 4x12 matrix that allows you to patch between various modules. Or, you can load a series of modules per column and get four engines in an instance of the synth. Next, you’ll find a 12-slot modulation matrix, where you can load four LFOs, four envelopes, four multi-stage envelopes (node-based envelopes), and four XY-pads. Furthermore, you’ll find 21 effects, including chorus, delay, reverb, parametric EQ, etc., and a 16-step sequencer. Combine all of that with its excellent drag-and-drop modulation support, and it’s not difficult to see why Zebra 2 is so revered.
  • Diva & Repro-5
    The bundle features two analog synths: Diva and Repro 5. Diva accurately recreates the sounds of some of the most revered analog synthesizers in history, making it arguably the best-sounding virtual analog plugin ever made. You’ll find five oscillator models and filter models that you can mix and match to create the synth sound of your choice. Furthermore, it features two LFOs, two effect slots, an arpeggiator, three envelopes, and over 1,200 presets.
    Similarly, Repro-5 comes with two varieties when you purchase it: Repro-1 (monophonic) and Repro-5 (8-voice polyphonic). Repro-5 is a near-perfect clone of the Prophet 5 synth. Although, u-he has added a few quirks that better fit a modern producer’s needs. You’ll find two oscillators (saw/pulse and saw/triangle/pulse), a 4-pole low-pass filter (24 dB/oct), a 32-step sequencer, and three modulation sources. Furthermore, it has a “Tweak” page that allows you to adjust the behavior of its internal components, giving you the ultimate amount of control.
  • Modular Madness
    Bazille and Ace are the modular counterparts of u-he’s All Synth bundle. I call Ace the younger sibling, although it’s an entirely different synth. Ace is a fairly straightforward modular synth that allows for a very flexible workflow. You’ll find two analog oscillators, multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs, mixing modules, one ramp generator, and three effects. You can patch cable from just about any module to another, leading to a world of discoveries despite Ace’s compact appearance. I’m also a fan of its oscilloscope that shows what’s happening with your signals quickly.
    Unlike Ace, Bazille is a digital modular synth with four oscillators, multi-mode filters, envelopes, mixing modules, effects, two LFOs, and a 16-step sequencer. You’ll also find tool modules like inverters, rectifiers, lag generators, etc. And similar to Ace, Bazille allows you to patch any module to another, including using oscillators as LFOs. Overall, it’s a powerful synth that begs for exploration and comes in handy with over 1,700 presets.
  • Hive 2
    Hive 2 is a wavetable synth with two oscillators (16x unison), filters, LFOs, and four envelopes. At the center of the interface, you’ll find an arpeggiator, an 8-step sequencer, four XY pads, seven effects, and an oscilloscope. Similarly, it features a 12-slot modulation matrix that lets you modulate just about any parameter, including effect parameters.
    The wavetables have multiple modes: normal, reverse, and cyclic, where the latter lets you cycle the wavetable seamlessly. And it features a “shape sequencer” that allows you to create complex modulations and rhythmic patterns. It can output up to four modulation signals. Overall, Hive 2 feels ideal for electronic music producers who require dynamic and exciting sounds.


The u-he All Plugins bundle is available for Windows 7 or higher, macOS 10.9 or higher, and Linux, all 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

Whether you’re an electronic music producer, a performer, or a composer/sound designer for films, u-he has you covered. My favorite thing about u-he synths is how natural and organic they sound. Furthermore, several of their products feature XY-pads, ideal for performing live, and almost all of their presets utilize the feature with Native Instruments NKS support. Similarly, as complicated as Zebra 2 and Hive 2 are, the intuitive user interfaces help make their intricacy easier to understand and exciting. Overall, the u-he All Synth bundle is undoubtedly one of the best purchases you could make in music production.
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2. Waves Vocal Production Bundle (Vocal Mixing Bundle Including Synth)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Waves Vocal Production Bundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

If you record a lot of vocals, you cannot go wrong with this toolkit.

Waves Vocal Production bundle features fifteen of the most loved vocal plugins, including a de-esser, reverb, compressor, pitch-shifter, vocoder, doubler, etc. All of them are calibrated for vocal manipulation, making them some of the fastest tools to get release-ready vocals. Let’s have a look at some of the bundle’s plugins.

One of my favorite plugins here is Sibilance. It’s a de-esser plugin with an algorithm called Organic ReSynthesis, a spectral filter that intelligently identifies sibilance. It has merely four knobs but sounds smooth and natural. Similarly, Vocal Bender and Vocal Tune Real-Time are excellent pitch correction software. We featured the latter, which can correct the pitch in real-time, on our top 6 autotune list of 2022.
Key Features:

  • A Comprehensive Collection
    Every beginner or even an experienced producer has run into a tricky dilemma in selecting plugins. Waves makes the process far easier by providing this handy collection at a very affordable price. It features everything from staples like the R--Vox compressor, Doubler, and TrueVerb reverb to the Ovox, a futuristic voice-controlled synth and FX processor. Another plugin many people love is the Vocal Rider, which adjusts the vocal levels automatically without any coloration as a compressor might.
  • Intuitive
    Each of the Waves plugins is straightforward with an intuitive user interface. Several of them are even meant to make the process faster by only providing the basic controls while letting the plugin take care of the rest. And yet, they sound smooth and musical, making the suite an excellent choice for musicians of any skill level.
  • Support And Updates
    Waves provides free updates throughout their current major release, ensuring that any changes in your OS or DAW software don’t break your workflow. And you can do all installations and modifications using the proprietary Waves Central software. However, note that each major release costs a specific amount depending on how many plugins you own.


The Waves Vocal Production bundle is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10.14.6 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.

The bundle provides plenty of value for its price. The plugins are of excellent quality and fit any kind of music production. Similarly, the documentation and online tutorial videos ensure ease of learning. I’d recommend any of the plugins in this bundle like Sibilance, Vocal Rider, Bender, Ovox, Doubler, DeBreath, and Tune Real-Time, even if they weren’t in the bundle. Furthermore, the rest of the plugins allow you to fully mix your vocals without using anything other than what’s available.
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3. Native Instruments Komplete 13 (Complete Music Production Suite)

More Info & Price
Or Buy Here (Support Integraudio)

From one of the biggest audio software and hardware developers comes an extensive music production suite.

Around 2003, Native Instruments released their first Komplete bundle with all of their best instrument plugins. And now, that collection has grown exponentially to become a comprehensive suite of plugins covering every kind of music production need. There isn’t an area where Native Instruments doesn’t excel from complex synthesis to in-depth sampling.

There are a total of 68 instruments and effects and 24 expansion packs. The biggest highlight is, of course, Kontakt 6, the global favorite sampler. It has some of the most advanced sampling, scripting, and editing features. Similarly, Reaktor 6 is the most powerful synth in the bundle. It’s an ultra-flexible modular environment, where you can even build new synths and effects by coding. Of course, you’ll find large collections of presets and built-in instruments in both. And while all this is excellent, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet.
Key Features:

  • Synths And More Synths
    Komplete 13 comes with fourteen synthesizers, including Reaktor 6 that I was talking about. The rest are Massive X, Super 8, TRK-01, FM8, Absynth 5, Form, Monark, Rounds, Massive, Reaktor 6 blocks, Kontour, Reaktor Prism, and Reaktor Spark. Several of the latter ones are synths built inside Reaktor 6. However, the most exciting ones here are the first few.
    Massive X is a wavetable synth with two oscillators, three filters, LFOs, and envelopes. It also features three Performers, which are essentially freely editable eight bar-long node-based envelopes. Similarly, the Tracker lets you modulate depending on the note you play.
    Super 8 recreates the sounds of vintage analog synths. Similarly, FM8 is an advanced FM synth with modern features and over 1,200 presets. And you’ll find over 1,800 atmospheric presets in Absynth 5, a semi-modular synth ideal for pads and soundscapes.
  • Sampled Instruments
    Komplete 13 comes with thirty sampled instruments, all of them loading inside Kontakt 6. The instrument collections include two guitars, six pianos, five ethnic collections, a string section, a brass section, three electric pianos, two bass guitars, an analog synth collection, an organ, and other hybrid instruments. Kontakt 6 also features over 55 GB of separate factory sounds, including drums, percussions, orchestral instruments, keyboards, and more.
  • Drums And Percussions
    Besides those inside Kontakt 6, you’ll find five dedicated drums and percussion instruments. These include Battery 4, Polyplex, Drumlab, Abbey Road 60s Drummer, and Studio Drummer. The latter two are best suited for acoustic music, whereas the first two are better for electronic music. Conversely, Drumlab is a unique plugin that lets you layer drum sounds, where you can create a hybrid kit.
  • Effect Plugins
    Komplete 13 comes with sixteen effect plugins. The highlight among these is Guitar Rig 6 Pro, a comprehensive suite of guitar amps simulations, cabinets, and effect processors. The rest include exciting but straightforward plugins like the Raum reverb, Transient Master, Replika Delay, Driver distortion, Crush Pack distortion plugins, Mod Pack effects including Choral, Phasis and Flair modulation plugins, etc.
Sanjay C explores KOMPLETE 13 | Native Instruments


The Komplete 13 bundle is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10.14 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

If you don’t own many instruments yet, the Komplete 13 is a comprehensive suite of tools for producing almost any kind of music. If you are an electronic music producer, you will love the variety of sounds and features in Battery 4’s colossal library. The same goes for the bundle’s synths. Similarly, if you make classical music, Kontakt 6 and the other sampled instruments will provide you with everything you need to get started. Furthermore, there are more third-party sampled instruments for Kontakt than for any other sampler. Hence, picking Komplete 13 as your arsenal for music production could never be the wrong choice.
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4. UJAM Beatmaker 2 Bundle (Drums & Beats For Various Genres)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
Or Buy Here (Support Integraudio)

UJAM Beatmaker Bundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Ujam is most known for its intuitive plugins that help you create music effortlessly.

If you’ve been following the developers, you’ve probably noticed how much they prioritize ease-of-use. And the Beatmaker Bundle makes no exception. The entire suite of plugins is minimal, chock full of radio-ready sounds, and fast. These qualities make the bundle an excellent choice for beginners, intermediates, and experienced producers working a tight deadline.

The bundle features ten plugins:

  • Eden 2
    Eden 2 provides drum sounds and driving loops ideal for creating pumping EDM tracks. It features 1,035 patterns encompassing over forty-five dance styles alongside 10 kits and 12 mixing presets. It also lets you make risers/downers easily by automating a fader.
  • Dope 2
    As the name suggests, Dope 2 is a street-certified beatmaker filled with polished hip-hop sounds and loops. From authentic gritty kits straight from the vinyl to modern rap sounds, you’ll find everything in its 1,180 phrases and 10 drum kits. It also features a vinyl drive knob to add Lo-Fi flavors to your drums.
  • Hype
    Hype best fits large stadiums stomping with progressive house and EDM. You’ll find a collection of 10 drum kits and 12 mix-presets that you can mix and match with 460 patterns covering twenty genres. As with Eden 2, you can create risers by automating a knob.
  • Nemesis
    Take your listeners to a far galaxy in a dystopian era with Nemesis’ aggressive and futuristic drum sounds. It best fits contemporary sci-fi game scores. You’ll find 10 drum kits and 12 mix-presets. And you can explore 30 styles to find your perfect loop.
  • Hustle 2
    Bass music styles like trap and grime demand carefully treated snares, gritty hats, and booming bass drums. Hustle 2 seeks to ease the process of achieving just that. You can explore over 40 different styles of patterns to find your inspiration.
  • Kandy
    Whether you are at the top of the charts or on your way up, your beats define your pop and RnB songs. Kandy is the perfect virtual drummer to achieve sparkling drum sounds. It features 460 patterns over 20 styles. And you can explore 10 drum kits and 50 presets to find your perfect sound.
  • Void
    Void gives you hard-hitting beats fast and ideal for Drum & Bass and breakbeat. It’s a beatmaker designed for higher BPM. It lets you stay true to your genre while discovering inspiring sounds from the 10 drum kits and 12 mix-presets in the plugin.
  • Vice
    There’s nothing like a bit of nostalgic synth-wave and pop music from the 80s. Vice equips you with the retro sounds of the past with its 10 drum kits and 12 mixing presets. Also, it contains 690 patterns spread over 30 styles.
  • Glory
    Glory provides modern trap, hip-hop, and pop drum sounds. It features 10 drum kits with 460 patterns covering 20 styles. It lets you change the pitch of the bass easily and add grit to your sound with a single knob.
  • IDOL
  • Artists like BTS and Black Pink have shaken the music industry to its core. So, it’s no surprise to see a drum instrument dedicated to K-pop. Idol features 10 drums kits and 12 mixes with 460 MIDI patterns spread over 20 styles. The Juice fader allows you to add multi-band compression to emphasize the clarity and punch, instantly bringing out the polished K-pop style.

Furthermore, the plugins are categorized by genre so that you can try each one and discover your favorite style. Similarly, they are also excellent for finding inspiration when you feel burned out after working on a single genre for too long. The bundle covers EDM, pop, hip-hop, trap, boom-bap, big room, and synth-wave best.
Key Features:

  • Mix And Match
    Each plugin comes with multiple kits, mix styles, and a library of loops and fills. Each loop bank features a set of grooves for intros, fills, endings, and breakdowns. So, once you find a preset you like, you can change the mix styles, switch up the beat loops, and get a custom groove going in no time.
  • Integration
    All of the plugins in the bundle feature two critical features in every drum plugin: MIDI export and multi-outs. You can drag and drop any groove you want into your DAW and continue editing the pattern. And the multi-outs feature lets you connect each piece in your drum kit to a new track, where you can add effects and mix them as you like.
  • Mixing
    If mixing your DAW feels too old school, spice up your sound using ujam’s built-in effect processors and tools. You can change each drum element’s volume, decay, pan, and filter. Similarly, the master output features a filter sweep (instant risers and downers), saturation, limiter, and reverb ambiance. And, as I already mentioned, there are various mixing styles, beat intensity, Lo-Fi effect, etc., at the top of the interface. Note that the available parameters change based on the plugin you’re using.


The ujam Beatmaker bundle is available for Windows 8 or higher and macOS 10.11 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

If you produce a lot of beats for your clients, you’ll save a lot of time with this bundle. Furthermore, if you are a beginner and don’t know where to start with sample packs, UJAM Beakmaker makes finding excellent sounds and grooves effortless. As I’ve stated, the products are best suited for various electronic music genres like EDM, House, Trap, Pop, and Hip Hop, and the sounds are spot-on. However, I must mention that Void may sound too rough and raw compared to the latest Drum & Bass trends. In the end, it’s worth your time giving it a try and ensuring for yourself before you buy. 
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5. CableGuys Bundle (Mixing Bundle Including Synth)

More Info & rice (Trial Available)

CableGuys ShaperBox Bundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

CableGuys have steadily grown in fame among electronic music producers thanks to their insanely flexible plugins.

The CableGuys Bundle features all of the plugins created by CableGuys so far. And it includes twelve plugins, one of them a synth. Unlike most other bundles, the CableGuys Bundle is for a specific niche: electronic music production. Pretty much every plugin in the bundle is for creatively manipulating and shaping the sounds of your synths or vocals. Similarly, even the synth feels like it was made for a futuristic style of music. Let’s have a look at the bundle in more depth.
Key Features:

  • Curve 2
    Curve 2 is a digital synth with three oscillators, two 18-mode filters, envelopes, and four LFOs. As the name suggests, you can freely draw and edit the oscillator, envelope, and LFO shapes using a node-based wave editor. There’s so much you could do with the editors alone.
    For example, you could create custom oscillator waveforms and modulate the filters to create growling basslines. Or, you could modulate the amp envelope to create rhythm chops or smooth pad sounds. The custom waveforms and modulation curves add life and movement to any sound, whether it’s typical analog waveforms or intricate digital glitches. Furthermore, the synth comes with a gigantic preset library.
  • FilterShaper 3
    FilterShaper 3 has two 18-mode filters with fully editable modulation curves. Almost every parameter on the plugin features an LFO and an envelope follower. Furthermore, you can run the filters in serial or parallel mode as needed.
  • More Shapers
    The bundle features a range of Shaper plugins: TimeShaper 2, DriveShaper, FilterShaper Core 2, CrushShaper, VolumeShaper 6, PanShaper 3, WidthShaper 2, NoiseShaper, and MidiShaper. Most of the plugins are pretty self-explanatory and have a similar amount of control as FilterShaper 3, the previous plugin we discussed.
    From basic side-chained ducking sounds using the VolumeShaper 6 to MidiShaper’s intricate MIDI modulation to control other plugins, you can do it all. Similarly, you can add a variety of noise (Lo-Fi vinyl crackles, tape hiss, bugs, etc.) using NoiseShaper. And I also recommend the TimeShaper 2 to create EDM glitches, ramps, etc.
  • HalfTime
    HalfTime is a unique plugin dedicated to slowing down sounds by halves. The effect also lowers the pitch as slowing a tape would, making it an excellent tape-stop effect. You can change the input frequency range, choose from three levels of speed (1.5x, 2x, and 4x slow), and fade the effect in/out.


The Waves Vocal Production bundle is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit or 64-bit and macOS 10.9 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

CableGuys Bundle is a unique bundle with excellent tools for electronic music production. The plugins are highly flexible and sound smooth with presets that showcase the plugins’ capabilities. Similarly, Curve 2 is a distinctive synth that prioritizes creative freedom.
I recommend the bundle if you create hip-hop, EDM, RnB, pop, trap, DnB, and other electronic music varieties. However, I don’t find it essential for general music production, except on specific occasions. Still, I suggest giving its demo a try to see if you like it.
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6. FabFilter Pro Bundle (Mixing & Mastering Bundle)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

FabFilter Pro Bundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

FabFilter and its high-quality plugins need no introduction for most conventional music producers.

FabFilter has been producing professional effect plugins and instruments for nearly twenty years. And the Pro Bundle features their mixing and mastering line of plugins. It comes with seven effect plugins: Pro-Q 3 EQ, Pro-R reverb, Pro-L 2 limiter, Pro-C 2 compressor, Pro-MB multi-band compressor, Pro-DS de-esser, and Pro-G gate/expander.

You probably noticed that pretty much every plugin by FabFilter has found a spot on our best-plugins lists, and that is no coincidence! For example, Pro-Q 3 is pretty much the industry standard for EQs, and Pro-R sounds incredibly smooth and realistic despite being a digital reverb that barely uses any CPU. Similarly, Pro-L 2 is one of my favorite limiter plugins that provides multiple algorithms to enhance the punch, retain transparency, maintain dynamism, etc.
Key Features:

  • Sleek Interface
    You’ve got to hand it to FabFilter when it comes to designing user interfaces. Every plugin in the bundle looks elegant and feels fluid and modern. They all feature a customizable frequency spectrum that helps you understand what’s happening. Furthermore, it can display helpful tooltips that get you started without having to refer to a manual.
  • Mastering Quality
    Every plugin dealing with frequencies (Pro-Q, Pro-MB) feature a high-quality linear phase mode. Similarly, all plugins provide up to 4x (Pro-L has 32x) oversampling. They ensure alias-free and phase-shift-free performance, fit for mastering your tracks. Although, I recommend keeping oversampling off while you are mixing and only using it to render your project to avoid CPU overload.
  • Side-Chain
    Every dynamic plugin in the bundle (including the Pro-Q 3 as it has dynamic EQ features) features an internal and external side-chain. You can use external side-chaining to link the dynamics of one track to the level of another (for example, bass to kick). It helps you achieve clean mixes quicker.
  • Efficient
    The FabFilter Pro bundle plugins are efficient in audio performance and CPU performance. You can load many instances of the plugins in a project with barely any noticeable CPU usage or latency. Of course, it all changes when you enable linear phase mode and oversampling. Still, the plugins sound clean and transparent, even without enabling oversampling.


The FabFilter Pro bundle is available for Windows Vista or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.10 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.

If you are looking for a complete mixing and mastering bundle, I recommend keeping this one high on your list. Nowadays, almost every studio relies on FabFilter products for many of their tasks because of their quality and reliability. However, the biggest issue with their plugins is the steep price. Often, music producers don’t truly exploit all the features you can find in FabFilter products making the considerable investment hardly worth it. Still, I recommend demoing the plugins and seeing if you need what they have to offer.
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7. SoundToys 5 Bundle (The Ultimate Mixing Tools)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)
Or Buy Here (Support Integraudio)

SoundToys 5 Bundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Soundtoys is a well-known developer focusing on bringing analog sound to your virtual studio.

The Soundtoys 5 bundle contains all of the plugins produced by the developer to date. It features twenty-one excellent plugins, including the famed saturator Decapitator and advanced delay plugin EchoBoy. Owning this bundle means being fully equipped to handle just about any kind of mixing task. Let’s have a look at a few of the plugins briefly.

The bundle has staple plugins like Little Plate reverb, Radiator tube saturator, Tremolator tremolo effect, FilterFreak advanced filter plugins, etc. These are the ones you’ll use on pretty much every mix you do. However, the plugins that shine are the unique ones like Crystallizer granular reverse delay, MicroShift stereo widener, Devil-Loc Deluxe aggressive compressor, and Sie-Q coloring exciter/EQ. Try Sie-Q on vocals to add airy shine on the top-end, or add the MicroShift stereo widener on the back vocals to add movement and life.
Key Features:

  • Effect Rack
    The bundle comes with a plugin called Effect Rack, which allows you to load fourteen of the Soundtoys plugins in a virtual rack to create channel strips and effect chains. You can save the setup as an FX chain and load it any time you want. Similarly, you’ll also find many presets using multiple plugins. Another feature I love is Recycle, which lets you send the rack’s output back into the input. Creative use of the feedback loop results in extreme effects like modulated reverb, strange ambiance, and distorted sounds.
  • Tweak
    Many of the plugins feature a button called “Tweak.” It opens a special panel that reveals deeper editing features. These could include saturation styles, adjusting the timing, selecting a different algorithm, etc. Furthermore, you’ll also find modulation options here, including an LFO and a sequencer.
  • Shapes
    The modulators in the Soundtoys 5 plugins contain an extensive collection of LFO shapes that encompass much more than your standard waveforms. Furthermore, it lets you draw and edit fully custom LFO shapes using its handy Shape Editor. You can create side-chained ducking effects or complex warbles that are unique to only you.
    Furthermore, you’ll also find a Rhythm Editor, which is a rhythmic modulation sequencer. You can assign the length and playing rate of the pattern, customize each step’s level and length, change the shapes, humanize them, etc. You can even copy the shapes from one Soundtoys plugin to another.


The Soundtoys 5 bundle is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.10 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, AAX, and RTAS formats.

Soundtoys plugins are excellent for mixing any kind of music. Most have a classic yet distinguished sound. On the surface, the plugins are straightforward and appropriate even for the very beginners. However, if you uncover the Tweak page, you’ll find a degree of customization that will satisfy the needs of an experienced producer. Furthermore, the customizable LFO shapes and Rhythm Editor provide excellent value for electronic music production. So, if you don’t already own a mixing suite, the Soundtoys 5 bundle could be the ideal choice.
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8. iZotope Ozone 9 Standard (Mastering Bundle 1)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

iZotope Ozone 9 Standard - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Nearly every mastering engineer relies on iZotope Ozone for its extensive and intuitive features.

Ozone has been around for over seventeen years, and it has only gotten better since its introduction. Version 9 of this software is more of a channel strip than a bundle of plugins. You’ll receive one plugin with several modules built into it. You can add these modules inside the plugin, change their order, bypass them for reference, and save the chain as a preset.

These are the effect modules that come with the plugin: Match EQ, Low-End Focus, Maximizer, Imager, Equalizer, and a Vintage Suite of limiter, compressor, EQ, and tape emulation. Here, the Low-End Focus module lets you control the style and amount of your track’s bass with ease. You can tighten up the sub or make it smooth. Similarly, Maximizer is a limiter, Imager is a stereo widener, and Equalizer is an 8-band EQ. You can add up to two instances of this EQ. Let’s have a look at the rest of the other modules next.
Key Features:

  • Master Assistant
    Master Assistant evaluates your track’s audio and recommends a starting point for your mastering chain. It also assigns processor settings and loudness levels using machine learning. You can also control the automatic master’s intensity using low, medium, or aggressive settings. Similarly, you can set the master to comply with streaming platforms or CDs. And you can use references to help match your idea.
  • Match EQ
    Just like Master Assistant, Match EQ is an intelligent module that analyzes a reference track and matches your audio with it. It uses over 8,000 separate FFT bands to get precise snapshots of your reference track. Furthermore, you can also select the region of your reference track to analyze the part you like. And once you are done, you can save the “imprint” to use the next time you master a track.
  • Analog Sounds
    You can use the vintage effects modules if analog hardware is your thing. These include a Fairchild 670 inspired limiter, a Pultec EQ, a multi-mode tape saturator, and a compressor. Each of these plugins brings a distinct richness and flavor of their original hardware to your track. You can also mix and match with the modern transparent modules to get exceptional results.
  • Usability
    Other than the modules, the Ozone 9 plugin is full of valuable features. For example, on the right side of the user interface, you’ll find input and output meters, a bypass switch, input-output gain match, codec, and dithering switches. Furthermore, the UI itself is sleek and fully resizable. Also, Ozone now supports NKS protocol to control it with Native Instruments Maschine or Komplete Control keyboard.


iZotope Ozone 9 is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10.13.6 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

Ozone 9 is an excellent mastering plugin for music producers of any skill level. It helps you by performing automatic masters if you are a beginner, and it saves a lot of your time if you are an experienced engineer. Furthermore, the sound quality is excellent, and it also provides a small set of analog gear if you prefer to use those. And besides, it provides complete control over its process, hence why many professionals are relying on this suite.
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9. MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle (Complete Production Suite)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Comprehensive is the only description.

Although a relatively new company (founded in 2009), MeldaProduction has gained a reputation as one of the best developers with a wide variety of plugins. The MCompleteBundle contains every plugin, instrument, and tool ever developed by the company. And presently, that means a whopping 112 plugins covering basics like reverb, compressor, and EQ to auto-align, automatic dynamic EQ, looper, pitch shifting, etc.
Key Features:

  • Instruments
    The MCompleteBundle comes with three instrument plugins: MDrummer, MPowerSynth, and MSoundFactory. MDrummer is a powerful drum machine with a large library of sounds and loops covering pop, DnB, rock, RnB, jazz, EDM, percussions, etc. Furthermore, it features an intelligent rhythm generator that can create new loops or variations of your custom loop.
    MPowerSynth is a synth with three oscillators, one noise generator, two 100+ mode filters, and an FX section. Furthermore, it features customizable LFOs, envelopes, and random generators to modulate just about anything in the synth. And it has a feature-rich polyphonic arpeggiator.
    And finally, MSoundFactory is a synth-sampler hybrid instrument that is Melda’s ultimate sound designing instrument. It uses a grid-based workflow, where you can add as many oscillators as you want and route them to filters, modulators, effects, etc. Furthermore, you can even load MDrummer inside MSoundFactory to make use of its tools and samples. It also comes with many built-in instruments that are fully customizable as well.
  • Effects
    The effect plugins in this bundle are far too many to cover here. However, I’ll attempt to point out the highlights. MAutoEqualizer analyzes your track and automatically EQs your track based on your preference without any latency. Similarly, MCabinet is a cabinet simulator for guitars and bass. However, instead of providing you with impulse response samples, it lets you create custom cabinets using “profiles” of real-world cabinets as the foundation.
    MCharacter lets you control the first 32 harmonics of any monophonic audio like vocals, lead guitar, etc. Unlike traditional EQs, it lets you control the brightness or thickness of a sound smoothly regardless of the audio’s pitch. Furthermore, you can generate synthetic harmonics to add a sub-octave, for example.
    Many plugins have a multi-band variant (like MChorusMB, MCombMB, MConvolutionMB reverb, MDynamicsMB, MRhythmizerMB, etc.). These let you control the sound of a specific band of frequencies, leaving the rest untouched. For example, MRhythmizer is a gating/glitching plugin revered by many EDM and electronic producers. However, if you want more control, you can use the MRhythmizerMB to glitch only the high frequencies, for example.
  • Life-Time Free Updates
    When you buy the MCompleteBundle, you will own the current range of MeldaProduction plugins and all of the future products. These include updates of your existing plugins, all upcoming effects, and even instrument packs. This generous business model makes the bundle have an enormous value despite the high price tag.


The MeldaProduction MCompleteBundle is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.9 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

If you’re looking for a massive package of plugins that covers everything from production to mixing and mastering, the MCompleteBundle is probably the only one. I’ve barely even scratched the surface of this bundle in my description. There are even niche tools for analyzing audio, manipulating pitch, generating MIDI modulation, etc. However, being a large collection also makes the first investment quite high. Still, if you consider the number of plugins, instruments, and future updates you are receiving, the price feels well worth it.
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10. ERA Bundle 6 (Audio Restoration Bundle)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

ERA Bundle 6 - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

The ERA Bundle by Accusonus is an audio restoration suite that prioritizes ease-of-use and fast results.

When you load a plugin from this bundle, the first thing you’ll notice is how limited the number of controls is. Many of the plugins feature merely one knob and fader. Internally, though, the plugins have clever coding that detects problems/characters in your audio and corrects them automatically. However, note that the ERA Bundle is a subscription bundle with three tiers: Standard, Pro, and Suite.

You will receive eleven plugins in the Standard edition. These include Noise Remover, Reverb Remover, Mouth De-Clicker, De-Breathe, Voice AutoEQ, Voice Leveler, Voice Deepener, Audio CleanUp Assistant, De-Esser, Plosive Remover, and De-Clipper. For most people, this bundle provides everything you need. However, if you need deeper controls, the Pro and Suite editions add them.
Key Features:

  • Effective
    Despite being very simple and easy, these plugins are genuinely effective. For example, Voice Deepener adds thickness to your voice recordings by merely turning a single knob, which works every time. Similarly, Noise Remover effectively identifies both interior noises like AC hums or fans and outdoor noises like wind and traffic.
  • Comprehensive
    The bundle features a plugin for just about every situation. Often, recording audio results in lip crackles, plosives, and proximity issues. These are easily remedied with Mouth De-Clicker, Plosive Remover, and Voice Leveler. Furthermore, the Voice Leveler even acts as a gain rider plugin, just like the Waves Vocal Rider we discussed.
  • Straightforward
    When working on a podcast/film/music, you will often face a close deadline. The ERA Bundle ensures you will spend no more time than necessary editing your audio. For example, if you can’t find the time to record the vocals properly, just use the Reverb Remover and create a mix to show your client. Similarly, if you are inexperienced with audio editing and want something easy that works, these plugins are unbeatable.
Introducing ERA Bundle 6 | accusonus


The ERA Bundle is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10.14.6 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

The ERA Bundle is most suited for film sound designers and podcasters. It offers an ultra-fast and straightforward solution to any kind of audio issue. Furthermore, effects like Vocal AutoEQ and Deepener create fantastic results that would otherwise take a chain of effects to accomplish. However, if you aren’t working on audio very often, the subscription model can become more expensive than purchasing similar plugins.
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11. IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 (Mastering Bundle 2)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Discover the sound of analog with this classic mixing and mastering bundle.

IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 is a collection of nine effect plugins ideal for mixing and mastering. You’ll find a variety ranging from a classic analog compressor, EQ, and clipper to modern parametric EQ and one-plugin mastering solutions. Furthermore, every plugin is fully resizable and often features a mid/side and dual-mono mode. I find them particularly useful for mastering and taming synths.
Key Features:

  • Analog Sounds
    Four of the plugins are labeled classics, including Classic Compressor, Clipper, Classic Multiband Limiter, and Classic Equalizer. All of them are analog-modeled and produce fantastic sounds. I particularly like using the Classic Compressor for vocals and mastering, and the Classic Clipper is ideal for clipping a drum mix. The Classic Equalizer is excellent for adding top-end shine and other broad sound-shaping.
    Similarly, T-Racks 5 also features a vari-mu tube compressor called Dyna-Mu. It’s a faithful emulation of Manley’s classic compressor, known for fast, smooth, and distortion-free sound. Furthermore, it features individual controls for each channel, left/right or mid/side.
  • One Plugin To Rule Them All
    The ONE plugin is an all-in-one mastering processor that features only the essential controls, keeping it easy for producers of any skill level. It includes an EQ, compressor, exciter, low-end enhancer, and limiter. I’m usually not a fan of such plugins, but ONE somehow delivers awesome results in most cases. So, if you’re not used to mastering chains yet, try this plugin out – it’s surprisingly good!
  • Master Match
    This plugin is a mastering processor that analyzes up to three reference tracks and matches your track to the reference tracks automatically. It matches the spectral information (frequency spectrum) and the level (volume and dynamics). Furthermore, Master Match allows you to inspect different segments of the reference tracks. So, you could analyze the verse of the first reference, the bridge of the second, and the third throughout. And while mastering is a delicate process best done manually, I’ve often heard better results from Master Match than from many intermediate producers. Hence, it’s worth a try for everyone.
  • Mastering Suite and EQual
    T-Racks 5 comes with a standalone application, ideal for mastering your tracks. You can load multiple tracks, add plugins on each track, add metadata, and analyze the tracks using Metering. T-Racks Metering is a loudness analyzer plugin that comes with the bundle and is also available in your DAW. You can inspect the frequency spectrum, loudness, true peak, stereo image, etc., using Metering.
    Finally, EQual is a 10-band parametric EQ with a sleek interface and multiple types of filters, including transparent digital, analog emulations, and passive. I recommend it for all sorts of mixing tasks. And it also includes a linear phase mode, perfect for mastering.


The IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 bundle is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.10 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

The T-Racks 5 bundle features some of the highest quality dynamics and EQ plugins available today. They are well-regarded by many industry professionals and hobbyists alike. However, since the plugins are oriented towards mastering, I only recommend them if you already own a suite of plugins for mixing (could also be your DAW’s stock plugins). And if you do, learning mastering is the natural next step, and T-Racks 5 is one of the finest bundles to work with. Furthermore, ONE and Master Match might even save a lot of time by letting you master your tracks with a single plugin.
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12. Softube Weiss Complete Collection (Mastering Bundle 3)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Weiss Complete Collection Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Softube is a Swedish company that has created many analog emulation plugins, working with the original designers to ensure authenticity.

From the same company comes the Weiss Complete Collection bundle, featuring fully accurate emulations of the Weiss hardware plugins for mastering your music. The bundle includes Weiss EQ MP 7-band mixing EQ, EQ1 mastering EQ, Gambit Series: Console 1 channel strip, DS1-MK3 mastering processor, MM-1 mastering limiter, Compressor/Limiter, and Deess. Softube developed each plugin in partnership with Weiss Engineering Ltd. to ensure accuracy and quality.
Key Features:

  • Authentic
    The Weiss plugins are no mere emulations. They feature the same code found in the original hardware, written and ported line by line painstakingly. So, according to Softube and Weiss Engineering, these software plugins are the same products as the hardware ones. The only difference is the tangibility, making the Weiss Complete Bundle a value product that provides the mastering-grade sound at an affordable price.
  • Quality Sound
    The Weiss plugins work at 32-bit depth and 192 kHz sample rate, ensuring sample-accurate results. The high bit-depth also provides noise-free sound. Similarly, the mastering EQ features linear phase and dynamic phase mode. Overall, these plugins are meant for quality mastering.
  • Extended Features
    All of the plugins support Softube’s Extended Features. Enabling Extend Features provides you with digital input and output meters, headroom gain, a high-pass filter, and a phase-inversion control. Furthermore, you’ll also find an input-output gain difference meter, LUFS target control, etc., on the output panel. These features are handy for mastering.


The Softube Weiss Complete Collection bundle is available for Windows 10 or higher and macOS 10.6.1 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

If you are serious about mastering, the Weiss Complete Collection bundle is an outstanding suite of plugins for you. They genuinely provide the authentic sounds of the pioneering hardware plugins, which can help you achieve a distinct sound otherwise impossible with digital gear. Furthermore, the user interfaces of these plugins are elegant. So, they should be a joy to work with.
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Best Free Plugin Bundles 2022

1. MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle (Free FX Bundle)

More Info & Download

Free VST - 37 effects - Melda Production Free FX Bundle

If you thought the MCompleteBundle’s selling strategy was generous, wait till you learn more about this bundle.

MeldaProduction’s MFreeFXBundle is a suite of thirty-seven effect plugins covering almost everything in most mixing tasks. You’ll find staples like a compressor, EQ, filters, analyzers, saturators, etc., and also special tools like loudness matcher, autotune, auto-panner, MIDI signal generator, etc. Overall, if you don’t own the paid suite, this bundle is a must-have for every producer.
Key Features:

  • Powerful
    Despite being free, the plugins in this bundle are surprisingly capable. For example, you’ll find a convolution reverb called MConvolutionEZ with a ton of impulse responses. Similarly, MEqualizer is a powerful 6-band EQ with integrated tube saturation and harmonics control. And the MLoudnessAnalyzer features everything you could need from a loudness metering plugin.
  • Excellent UI
    Each plugin in the MFreeFXBundle has a fully resizable user interface. Furthermore, the design is intuitive and allows your creativity to run free without having to overthink. Similarly, you’ll find large dB meters and spectrums in many of the plugins that help you get better results.


The MeldaProduction MFreeFXBundle is available for Windows 7 or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.9 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

For a free plugin bundle, the plugins you’ll receive in MFreeFXBundle are laudable. Although you’ll find several of these in stock plugins of your DAW, there are few with surprisingly excellent features that surpass stock plugins. For example, I find the MEqualizer sleeker and usable compared to many other free EQs, thanks to its design and built-in analog elements. So, if you are just getting started with music production, go ahead and get this bundle.
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2. Blue Cat’s Freeware Plug-ins Pack II (Free FX Bundle 2)

More Info & Download

a COMPLETE BUNDLE? for FREE? - Blue Cat Audio

Blue Cat is well-known for creating analog-style effect plugins, and this free collection is no different.

The Freeware Plugins Pack II contains a wide range of modulation effects, a guitar amp simulator, a 3-band EQ, a midi-controllable gain suite for gain-staging several tracks at once, and a spectrum analyzer. I love the modulation effects the most from this collection. Despite being simple, they have a distinct taste that adds life to any sound.
Key Features:

  • Modulations
    This bundle has three modulation effects: Chorus, Flanger, and Phaser. The Blue Cat’s Chorus adds anything from a light ensemble effect to a warbling modulation. Similarly, try the Blue Cat’s Flanger and Phaser on guitars and synths to recreate the sounds from the 70s, from the Led Zeppelin keyboards to sci-fi sound effects.
  • Guitar Amp & EQ
    The Blue Cat’s Free Amp offers three models of guitar amps. Each respectively suited for clean, crunch, and heavy, distorted sounds. Furthermore, you can even load custom impulse responses to change the sound of the plugins. Next, the 3-band Triple EQ is a semi-parametric equalizer with a high-shelf, low-shelf, and bell filter.


Blue Cat’s Freeware Plugins Pack II is available for Windows Vista or higher 32-bit and 64-bit and macOS 10.9 or higher 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2, AU, and AAX formats.

Although not the most impressive collection of plugins, the Blue Cat plugins have a distinct charm in their sounds. The developer does talk about vintage emulations. So, it could be some analog emulations going on under the hood. Either way, I suggest giving the modulation and guitar effects a try. You might also like the spectrum analyzer.
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1. iZotope Neutron 3 Standard (Effect Bundle / Channel Strip)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

iZotope Neutron 3 Standard Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

The second iZotope bundle on our list is the Neutron 3 Standard, which is transforming mixing as we know it.

Neutron 3 isn’t exactly a bundle. Instead, it’s a multi-effect plugin with many modules, covering almost every aspect of mixing. Although, if you purchase the Advanced edition of this bundle, you will also receive many of the modules as separate plugins. However, it’s not essential as Neutron itself offers almost the same amount of control a DAW does.

Hence, Neutron 3 is a modern take on the channel strip. On top of the built-in modules, the plugin also offers interactive visuals and metering to help you get results quicker. Before moving on to its key feature, here’s our pick of the best channel strip plugins with detailed information.
Key Features:

  • Mix Assistant
    Neutron 3 Standard can “listen” to your track and recognize what instrument it contains. It uses machine learning to identify and decide what changes are necessary to help improve that particular track. Of course, this feature won’t always be right, but it’s an excellent way to get a draft mix ready. Furthermore, if you purchase the Advanced edition of this software, Neutron can even communicate with other Neutron instances in the project to gain stage and mix your entire project itself.
  • Modules
    Neutron 3 features six effect modules: Sculptor, Equalizer, Compressor, Gate, Exciter, and Transient Shaper. Here, Sculptor is a spectral shaper that transforms the tone of your tracks by adjusting its frequency spectrum. It can smoothen sharp sounds or bring out peaks to make the track stand out. Similarly, the Equalizer features twelve bands and a Masking Meter that uses inter-plugin communication to detect frequency masking between multiple tracks.
  • Visuals
    The Visual Mixer Plugin lets you control the volume, pan, and stereo width of multiple tracks at once. Similarly, you can create mix snapshots, analyze your mix visually, and label tracks automatically. And if you need more, the Output Section has a complete metering solution as well as a true-peak limiter.


iZotope Neutron 3 Standard is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.13.6 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

As we have come to expect of iZotope, Neutron 3 is a whole new ground of mixing possibilities. It lets you speed up your workflow and create better results at the same time. The future is undoubtedly going to be filled with machine learning and AI. So, it’s awesome to see iZotope’s take on bringing the future a step closer. As for the sound itself, Neutron 3 is highly transparent and provides excellent results no matter the genre.
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2. Acon Digital Mastering Suite (Mastering Bundle 4)

More Info & Price (Trial Available)

Acon Digital Mastering Suite Review - 12 Plugin Bundles For Musicians (Synths, Drums, Vocals, Mixing & Mastering) |

Acon Digital is renowned for its handy audio restoration suite, but its lesser-known mastering suite is a surprisingly good bundle.

This bundle consists of five plugins for mastering your tracks. Each was designed to deliver transparent results. So, unlike the two other bundles on our list that were emulations of analog gear, Acon Digital’s Mastering Suite adds no coloration to your sound whatsoever. The plugins include dynamics processors, EQ, and a dithering tool. Let’s have a look at these in detail:
Key Features:

  • Dynamics
    Under dynamics, you’ll find three plugins: Dynamics, Multi-band Dynamics, and Limit. The first plugin is a combined compressor and expander/gate. It features both internal and external side-chain signals, making it useful for mixing as well. Similarly, the Multi-band Dynamics is a 4-band compressor. It supports linear phase mode to make it better suited for mastering. And finally, Limit is a transparent limiter with a built-in pre-compressor that helps reduce distortion. All of these plugins support up to 4x oversampling for true-peak response and reduced distortion.
  • Equalizer
    The Equalize plugin is a parametric EQ with the filter slope ranging from 3 dB to 120 dB per octave. It also supports linear phase mode to help prevent aliasing. What I love about this EQ is how you control the Q and slope. Instead of turning a knob or scrolling your mouse wheel, you can intuitively drag on arrows at the side of the filter node to change the resonance and the slope shape (bell to table-top) smoothly. It’s handy to visualize the way your EQ affects the audio spectrum.
  • Dither
    When you render audio equal to or less than 16-bit depth, you will introduce some artifacts. Dithering adds a specific noise that will mask the artifacts of the lack of bit depth. Acon Digital’s Dither plugin is a flexible dithering plugin that visualizes the noise graphically


Acon Digital Mastering Suite is available for Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.9 or higher, both 64-bit only. It comes in VST 2/3, AU, and AAX formats.

This bundle is a collection of digital mastering plugins that ensure sonic transparency. Furthermore, the bundle is priced very reasonably. However, if you are looking for an analog-sounding suite of plugins, avoid this bundle. But if you value transparency, Acon Digital Mastering Suite is an outstanding collection of dynamics and equalizing effect processors. Also, these plugins are just as suited for mixing as they are for mastering.
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And there you have it: twelve of the best plugin bundles available for music production today. I’ve attempted to cover a wide range of use cases from electronic music production to traditional recording. However, many of these are excellent for more than one kind of use. So, you can only truly evaluate after trying out the demos.

I recommend checking out the u-he All Synth and Komplete 13 bundles if you are after a production suite. Both of these include excellent synthesizers. And Komplete 13 also comes with a universally acclaimed sampler and over 200 GB of sample content.

For mastering, I suggest the iZotope Ozone 9 and IK Multimedia T-Racks 5. Both of them provide automatic mastering features and high-quality sound, however, T-Racks 5 is much more affordable and comes with single plugins. Still, since mastering is a complex and delicate topic, you can only decide after listening to the results from both.

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